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Thyro-Lo Spray 4oz Angstrom Minerals
Thyro-Lo Spray 4oz Angstrom Minerals
Angstrom Minerals Thyro-Lo Spray 4oz

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Thyro-Lo Spray 4oz - Angstrom Minerals

For Underactive (Low) Thyroid Function

Proudly made in the USA

Why Choose Angstrom Minerals Thyro-Lo Spray?
Angstrom Minerals are the smallest cell ready minerals available, these tiny mineral particles are so small that they do not require digestion, it is absorbed immediately at the cellular level for optimal assimilation.

Key Benefits Thyro-Lo Spray

- Excellent natural support for under active thyroid - Hypothyroidism
- Helps with depression/anxiety
- Helps balance weight
- Can reverse thinning hair and brittle nails
- Proper thyroid function promotes increased energy levels
- Increases Libido

Signs of an Under Active Thyroid (HYPO-Thyroidism)
- Feeling tired and sleeping all the time
- Get cold easily
- Dry and/or pale skin
- Coarse, thinning hair and brittle nails
- Unable to concentrate
- Sore muscles, slow movements and weakness
- Depression
- Poor memory
- Weight gain
- Constipation
- Fertility problems
- Heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods
- Slow heart rate

Iodine Deficiency
Your body needs the mineral iodine to make thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency in the diet is the leading cause of hypothyroidism worldwide. Thyro-Lo spray is applied to the center of the neck where the thyroid gland is located. Thyro-Lo helps provide Iodine and other essential minerals for proper thyroid function.

Angstrom minerals are so small that these minerals can be absorbed by the skin and directly absorbed by the cells. Thyro-Lo Spray can be applied directly to the problem area, the Thyroid Gland. This is a great illustration of the power and benefits of angstrom minerals. This means they are small enough for the cell to utilize without digestion. There is nothing extra added - NO fillers or "flow" agents.


Our Quality Guarantee: this product is FREE of harmful solvents, pesticides, chemicals, and all toxic excipients including magnesium stearate found in the majority of supplements today.

Angstrom Minerals Thyro-Lo Spray 4oz

Thyro-Lo Spray Contains:

Angstrom Iodine
Angstrom Potassium
Angstrom Calcium/Magnesium
Angstrom Chromium
Angstrom Sodium
Angstrom Vanadium
Angstrom Zinc
Angstrom Copper

This is meant for EXTERNAL USE only. Spray the fine mist on the skin over the thyroid gland twice daily. The Thyroid gland is located in the center of your throat, halfway between your shoulders and head. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral and Information & Reference Guide By Annette Haslone N.D. for Corrective doses.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are provided for informational purposes only. The products listed on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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