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Melatonin-ND .5 fl oz

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Melatonin-ND .5 fl oz


The World’s First, Natural, Live-Source, Fully Potent Melatonin

Superior Support for the Brain, Immune, Sleep, Anti Aging, and Antioxidant

Key Benefits:

Helps prevent the effects of aging (from chronic fatigue to memory loss)

Helps strengthen the immune system

Helps eliminate jet lag

Helps enhance sexual potency and libido

Helps regulate sleep cycles, including difficulty getting to sleep, insomnia, frequent waking up, lack of deep restful sleep, waking up tired

Helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer


What is Melatonin?
Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland located in the center of the brain. Its secretion is inhibited by light and stimulated by darkness. Therefore, melatonin production peaks at night. Research shows that the body’s natural production of melatonin decreases with age. Melatonin has received substantial publicity for its ability to promote natural sleep patterns, stimulate the immune system, decrease jet lag and its role as a powerful antioxidant.


Get the Best of the Best Melatonin
The very best source of melatonin is made using special probiotic fermentation to yield the world’s first “natural-source” melatonin. It is called “nanized” melatonin. “Nano” means very, very small. “Nanized” melatonin is made via a proprietary process whereby the ingredients are “nanized” or pre-digested by natural probiotic bacteria into very, very small particles which makes it extremely bioavailable.  Use only natural-source, solvent-free melatonin — the one that was used in the research studies which delivered superior results. Don’t take chances with your health; avoid solvent based melatonin. These residues are cumulative in the body and associated with increased risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Melatonin: The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant
This extraordinary hormone is nature’s most potent antioxidant, offering unsurpassed protection against hydroxyl free radicals (which can cause cellular damage). This is persuasive evidence that melatonin may protect us against a wide variety of diseases. Research has shown melatonin to be 5.9 times more effective than glutathione and 11.3 times more effective than mannitol in fighting free radicals.

Another study showed melatonin to be twice as good a scavenger of the peroxyl radical than vitamin E. In another study, saffrole, a carcinogen which causes nucleic damage in DNA, was given either alone or with melatonin to two groups of animals. The melatonin-treated group experienced 99% less DNA damage than the non-melatonin-treated group!



Cancer and Melatonin
Studies show that melatonin is oncostatic, preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. In American university studies, melatonin inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells by 75%. An Italian study showed that melatonin significantly improved survival time of patients with brain metastases when compared with those treated conventionally (steroids, anticonvulsants).

Data has shown that melatonin inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells by up to 50%. Another study showed that melatonin increased the ability of monocytes to destroy skin cancer cells by 73%. Melatonin can increase the body’s production of colony stimulating factor, promote the growth of bone marrow cells, help activate T-helper cells and improve many other immune protective factors. In one study, melatonin increased NK (Natural Killer) cells by 240%! Many researchers correlate the number and activity of NK cells with a person’s ability to survive and overcome cancer.

Other studies show that melatonin can inhibit harmful substances. A 1995 experiment showed that melatonin caused a fivefold reduction in the production of leukotrienes, powerful substances which increase inflammation and pain. Melatonin can also inhibit nuclear factor kappa-B (NF-kB) by 43%, which is an essential link in the cloning of the HIV virus. This suggests that melatonin can slow the replication of the AIDS virus.

A Wealth Of Help: Melatonin’s Promise
Because increased incidence of disease is associated with declining levels of melatonin, melatonin has been shown to help many chronic diseases: PMS, menopause, jet lag, sleep disorders, abnormal temperature cycles, depression, mania, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, stress, cancer, sexual imbalances, osteoporosis and immune disorders.

Is All Melatonin the Same?
Did you ever read about a wonderful nutrient, then get some from a health food store, but after taking if for a few weeks, you couldn’t notice any difference? This little drama will be repeated over and over again in the coming years, since research has shown that 80% of health food store supplements do NOT meet label claims. This means that what the label says is not what is in the product (either shorted or missing).  Melatonin products are no different.

Better Sleep. The use of melatonin to promote restful sleep is well documented. Studies of low dose, oral melatonin in healthy adult volunteers showed that time to sleep onset, stage-2 sleep, and REM sleep was decreased without affecting the percentage of time in REM sleep or alertness after waking. In addition, evidence also indicates improved sleep benefits for children as well.

Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue. Research shows the benefit of melatonin in minimizing the desynchronization of the body’s internal “time clock” due to air travel over time zones (jet lag). Typical symptoms of jet lag can include loss of appetite, irritability, gastrointestinal concerns, disorientation, difficulties concentrating, feeling mentally “off” and sleep disorders. Even world-class athletes, who sometimes travel over time zones to compete in athletic events such as the Olympics, have been studied to determine if melatonin can benefit them. Many top athletes take melatonin regularly to reduce the tiring symptoms associated with jet lag and travel.

What is a “Nanized” tincture?
The word “nano” means very, very small. A “nanized” tincture contains premier
quality herbs which have been “nanized” or pre-digested into very, very small particles which makes them extremely bioavailable. Even those with poor digestion can rapidly absorb the “nanized” phyto-nutrients of the herbal complexes because they are so readily assimilable.

Nanized Delivery (ND) tinctures really demonstrate the power of the old saying: it’s not what you take, but what you absorb that makes the difference.  Many people say they can feel the effect of taking a Nanized Delivery tincture within minutes. This immediate effect is very important in anti-aging, where absorption of key nutrients is critical for direct strengthening of the immune system.

The Quantum Effect

The form of every cell in your body is now known to be a crystalline matrix which has its own ideal resonant frequency.  The only way each cell can achieve its ideal cellular resonance is by consuming “live source” nutrients that are “quantum quality” (exquisitely well-grown and 100% toxin-free). Only quantum quality nutrients can produce ideal cellular resonance.

When quantum quality phyto-nutrients are combined together synergistically, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits, by a factor of 10 to 100-fold or more. This amazing logarithmic effect is “the Quantum Effect,” a primary force to help you sustain or regain great health.


Quantum-State Nutrients Without the Risk 
●No magnesium stearate, a toxic oil proven to suppress the immune system  
●No animal glandulars with toxic tag-alongs and animal death hormones  
●No tablets with toxic tag-along glues, binders or fillers
●No excipients - highly questionable (often toxic) fillers and binders, called excipients, are commonly added to nutritional product


Violite™ Protected:
Patent-pending dark violet-colored, #2 HDPE nontoxic plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs. Nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation.



Our Quality Guarantee: This product is FREE of harmful solvents, pesticides, chemicals, and all toxic excipients including magnesium stearate found in the majority of supplements today.


Melatonin-ND Ingredients:

Serving Size: 2 Drops
Servings Per Container: About 150

2 drops contains:
Proprietary blend (4mg):
Melatonin, Bifidobacterium species (breve ss. breve, infantis ss. infantis, longum), Enterococcus species (faecalis TH10, faecium), Lactobacillus species (acidophilus, bulgaricus, casei ss. casei, fermentum, helveticus ss., jagurti, plantarum), Streptococcus therm.

Other Ingredients: Spring Water, Certified Organic grain neutral alcohol.

Guaranteed free of:  Excipients, Binders, Fillers, Glues, or Toxic Tagalongs


Recommended Use:

Adults and children (age 10 and up): Take 2 drops under the tongue just before sleep. For special programs recommended by your practitioner, up to 5 drops may be taken before bed. Typically, we usually suggest men take 1 or 2 drops and women take from 3-5 drops and see which works best over time.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are provided for informational purposes only.  The products listed on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Beyond The Vitamin is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Premier Nutrition Labs, Austin, TX.


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