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Folic Acid-ND
Folic Acid-ND 2oz

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Folic Acid-ND 2 fl oz

 Rich, Live Source of Folic Acid in End-Chain Forms

For Maximum Benefits Use in Conjunction with Max B-ND which provides the full spectrum of live-source end-chain B vitamins


Key Benefits

  • Revolutionary “Nanized” (probiotic generated) folic acid liquid formula for spectacular bioavailability.

  • Essential for all RNA/DNA synthesis and promotes healthy homocysteine levels.

  • Each drop of Folic Acid-ND contains over 100 mcg of the two active coenzyme forms of folate, formyl and methyl tetrahydrofolate.

  • Highly suggested for pregnant women to support their folate levels.

“Welcome to the world’s first live-source, probiotic-generated B vitamins!
Now you can get individual B vitamins in their premier, end chain forms – not the typical toxic B vitamins so commonly available that are from cheap, coal tar derivatives (no, I’m not kidding!)

B vitamins are critically important for so many bodily functions : high energy levels, digestion, hormone balance, growth and much more.  Now you can get the preferred vitamin B end-chain forms which are immediately ready for use by the cell. I think you’ll love the clean, smooth effects of real, live-source B vitamins in all their active, coenzyme forms.” 

Dr. Robert J. Marshall, PhD, CCN, DACBN - CEO, Premier Research Labs.


Great Health Starts With Healthy Cells
Health starts with the individual cells of our body. If our cells are healthy so are we. Healthy cells, in turn, depend on the continued, faultless replication of our DNA. DNA can be seriously damaged through attacks by free radicals so an adequate antioxidant status is essential to cell health. However, it is becoming clear that antioxidants alone are not enough to protect our DNA; more and more research points to the B vitamin folic acid as being equally or perhaps even more important in ensuring proper DNA replication. It is not surprising that a folic acid deficiency has been implicated in a wide variety of disorders from Alzheimer's disease to atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis, cervical and colon cancer, depression, dementia, cleft lip and palate, hearing loss, and of course, neural tube defects.

Folic acid (folinic acid, folacin, pteroylglutamic acid) is essential for the synthesis of adenine and thymine, two of the four nucleic acids that make up our genes, DNA and chromosomes. It is also required for the proper metabolism of the essential amino acid methionine that is found primarily in animal proteins. A folic acid deficiency has been clearly linked to an elevated level of homocysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid. High homocysteine levels, in turn, have been linked to cardiovascular disease and a host of other undesirable conditions.

It is, unfortunately, estimated that 88 per cent of all North Americans suffer from a folic acid deficiency. Obviously, the standard diet does not supply what we need. This has led to the fortification of cereals and other foodstuffs to try to ensure a minimum daily intake of 0.4 mg/day. Although beans and green vegetables like spinach and kale are good sources of folic acid, relatively few people eat lots of vegetables and cooking destroys most of the folate anyway. Realizing the poor availability from the diet many medical researchers now advocate daily supplementation with folic acid. Because folic acid needs the catalysts vitamins B12 and B6 to carry out its functions effectively it is usual to supplement with a combination of the three.

Folic Acid for a Healthy Pregnancy
Folic acid is very important for all women who may become pregnant. Adequate folate intake during the periconceptual period, the time just before and just after a woman becomes pregnant, protects against neural tube defects. Neural tube defects result in malformations of the spine, skull, and brain. The risk of neural tube defects is significantly reduced when supplemental folic acid is consumed in addition to a healthful diet prior to and during the first month following conception. Since January 1, 1998, when the folate food fortification program took effect, data suggest that there has been a significant reduction in neural tube birth defects. Women who could become pregnant are advised to eat foods fortified with folic acid or take a folic acid supplement in addition to eating folate-rich foods to reduce the risk of some serious birth defects.

Treatment for Anemia
Anemia is a condition that occurs when there is insufficient hemoglobin in red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to cells and tissues. It can result from a wide variety of medical problems, including folate deficiency. With folate deficiency, your body may make large red blood cells that do not contain adequate hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen to your body's cells. Your physician can determine whether an anemia is associated with folate deficiency and whether supplemental folic acid is indicated.

The Quantum Effect

The form of every cell in your body is now known to be a crystalline matrix which has its own ideal resonant frequency.  The only way each cell can achieve its ideal cellular resonance is by consuming “live source” nutrients that are “quantum quality” (exquisitely well-grown and 100% toxin-free). Only quantum quality nutrients can produce ideal cellular resonance.

When quantum quality phyto-nutrients are combined together synergistically, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits, by a factor of 10 to 100-fold or more. This amazing logarithmic effect is “the Quantum Effect,” a primary force to help you sustain or regain great health.

Our Quality Guarantee: This product is FREE of harmful solvents, pesticides, chemicals, and all toxic excipients including magnesium stearate found in the majority of supplements today.


Folic Acid-ND 2oz Ingredients:

Serving Size: 4 Drops (.36ml)
Servings Per Container: About 290

Proprietary Blend 4 Drops (.36ml) :  Folate 440mcg (110%DV)
as Folic Acid (24mcg), Formyltetrahydrofolate (215mcg), Methyltetrahydrofolate (200mcg)

Bifidobacterium Species (breve ss. breve, infantis ss. infantis, longum) Enterococcus Species (faecalis TH10)
Lactobacillus Species (brevis, acidophilus, bulgaricus, casei ss. casei, fermentum, helveticus ss. jagurti, plantarum) Strep. therm

Other Ingredients: purified water, organic grain neutral alcohol.

Guaranteed free of:  Excipients, Binders, Fillers, Glues, or Toxic Tagalongs


Recommended Use:

Adults and children (age 4 and up): Take ¼ teaspoon mixed in 4 oz of water daily. For special programs recommended by your practitioner, take 1/4 teaspoon twice daily.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are provided for informational purposes only.  The products listed on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Beyond The Vitamin is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Premier Nutrition Labs, Austin, TX.



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