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Turmeric 60 VCaps
Our Price: $14.95

Our Premier Turmeric is imported from Ayurvedic growers in India. After it arrives, we fresh-grind it and then encapsulate immediately to retain its unparalleled, active volatile essential oils. This product supports rejuvenation and optimal liver health.
Pink Salt 12oz
Pink Salt
Our Price: $16.95

Use Premier Pink Salt daily in place of regular table salt. Pink Salt blend delivers critical trace elements.  Pink Salt is a blend of two premium, untreated sea salts. We DO NOT USE "flowing" or "anti-clumping" agents as commonly added to regular salt.
Oxygen Drops 4oz Angstrom Minerals
Oxygen Drops 4oz Angstrom Minerals
Our Price: $17.25

Our Angstrom Minerals Oxygen Drops Supply Oxygen at the cellular level to your body. Fights System Candida infections, Kills Fungus, Bacteria, and Viruses. An Angstrom mineral is the smallest cell ready particles offering superior absorption.
Classic Pollen - 6oz Powder
Classic Pollen
Our Price: $18.95

Excellent for Prostate Health, Healthy Urinary Track, Healthy Hormone levels in Women, and Immune System Booster.  Classic Pollen is 100% Raw, unheated pollen that is collected by super bees from flowering plants in pristine northwest Canada.
HCL Activator 90 VCaps
HCL Activator
Our Price: $19.95

As a part to the HCL Detox Program, Premier HCL Activator is designed for use with Premier HCL (live-source betaine hydrochloric acid) to nutritionally enhance its detoxification capacity and promote efficiency of the entire immune system.
Greens Mix 150 VCaps
Greens Mix 150 VCaps
Our Price: $19.95

Live Source, Super Nutrition Greens Formula.  Superior Wellness Support.  Premier Greens Mix is nature's amazing nutritional formula for optimal health and rejuvenation.  Our Greens Mix contains no toxic sweeteners, additives, fillers, or preservatives.
Blue Green Detox 60 VCaps
Blue Green Detox
Our Price: $19.95

This formula features certified organic wild blue green algae that is low temperature, air-dried (not freeze-dried). Blue Green Detox is a broad-spectrum formula for detoxification, and naturally supports the immune system, and cognitive function.
Germanium 16oz Angstrom Minerals
Germanium 16oz Angstrom Minerals
Our Price: $21.88

Our Angstrom Minerals Liquid Copper (150 ppm) is the key mineral that may reduce arthritis inflammation, also supports healthy brain and liver function. An angstrom mineral is the smallest cell ready particles which offers superior absorption
Magnesium 16oz Angstrom Minerals
Magnesium 16oz Angstrom Minerals
Our Price: $21.88

Our Angstrom Minerals Liquid Magnesium (3000ppm) is a key trace mineral for relaxation, calcium assimilation, and proper muscle function. An angstrom mineral is the smallest cell ready particles which offers superior absorption.
Glutathione 30 VCaps
Our Price: $21.95

Premier Glutathione contains glutathione GSH (the premier reduced form) that delivers effective antioxidant support and broad spectrum, free radical quenching. It also supports SUPERIOR detoxification of the Liver and promotes immune system health